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Learn how Infrared Light Therapy can improve the Flexibility of your Horse

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For many years, athletes and pet owners have used infrared light therapy to alleviate pain and increase the flexibility of their horses and pets. But what is infrared light therapy, and how does it work? In this article, we will explore the scientific principles behind infrared light therapy and its applications in horse care and health.

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What is Infrared Light Therapy?

Infrared light therapy is a type of treatment that involves the application of light energy with a wavelength between 600 and 1000 nm to promote healing and pain relief. The light is absorbed by the body's tissues, which can increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. This form of therapy is known to help reduce pain, inflammation, and soreness, as well as improve flexibility and mobility.

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How Does Infrared Light Therapy Work?

Infrared light therapy works by stimulating the body's cells, which can increase their activity and speed up the healing process. When tissues are exposed to infrared light, blood flow increases, and a warming effect is created, which can alleviate muscle pain and soreness.

One of the primary benefits of infrared light therapy is its ability to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body's cells. ATP is a form of energy that is crucial for cell function, and when more ATP is available, the body can heal faster.

Applications of Infrared Light Therapy in Horses

Infrared light therapy has many applications in horse care and health. It can help alleviate pain and inflammation caused by injuries or illnesses, improve blood circulation, and enhance flexibility and mobility. Infrared light therapy can also help relieve muscle tension and soreness, which is particularly important for horses undergoing intense training or competition.

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One of the primary applications of infrared light therapy in horses is to reduce inflammation in hips, back, neck, and shoulders. It can also help alleviate pain in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and improve flexibility in these areas.

Infrared light therapy can also be effective in treating chronic conditions such as lameness, arthritis, and colic. It can help reduce pain and increase mobility, which can improve the quality of life for the horse.

How to Apply Infrared Light Therapy in Horses

Infrared light therapy can be applied in various ways in horses, using an infrared lamp, a blanket, or a special infrared therapy pad. The method used depends on the area to be treated and the intensity of the treatment.

How can infrared light therapy help improve flexibility in horses?

Infrared light therapy can increase blood circulation and stimulate body cells, speeding up the healing process and improving flexibility.

Is infrared light therapy safe for horses?

Yes, infrared light therapy is a safe treatment for horses when applied correctly.

Can infrared light therapy be used on horses of all ages?

Yes, infrared light therapy can be used on horses of all ages.

Is infrared light therapy a replacement for conventional treatments?

Infrared light therapy can be used as a supplementary treatment to conventional treatments, but it's not a replacement.

How often can infrared light therapy be used on horses?

The frequency of infrared light therapy depends on the specific condition being treated. It's important to follow professional advice and treatment guidelines.


Infrared light therapy is an effective treatment for relieving pain, inflammation, and soreness in horses. It can also help improve flexibility and mobility, and can be used for a wide range of conditions.

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