Malgré Tout is now online in English

We are proud to present the Malgré Tout Media to all horse people around Europe!
Malgré Tout has existed on Danish soil since 2015 and today it is one of the horse people’s favorite media platforms. The ideology behind Malgré Tout is to give equestrians insight and knowledge into current issues and to create food for though. Whether you have riding as a lifestyle or as an occupation, Malgré Tout is for everyone.

Free content and happy advertisers 

The concept behind the medium is to deliver well-written articles on a daily basis. We believe that our media should be free of any charge. That’s one of the basic ideas behind Malgré Tout. This is why we are very happy for the support from our advertisersThey make it possible for us to deliver free quality content to our readers.  

The people behind 

The editorial staff consists of a team with a shared passion for life with horses and equestrian sports. Together we are well experienced within communication, design, online marketing, event management, sales and of course life about horses. We want to increase the general knowledge and interest in the equestrian sports. Malgré Tout is independent of federationsbreed associations and riding disciplinesOur team is based in several European countries and USA. 

Join the ride!

Our content is well received by readers as well as advertisers as their preferred source of knowledge into equestrian topics. And now is the time to introduce the horse people around Europe to the Malgré Tout Media.

So join the ride – We can’t wait to get started!

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