Malgré Tout Media and Helgstrand Event enter mediapartnership with sustainable digital event magazine

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Malgré Tout Media has created a digital event magazine for both the Longines EEF Series Aalborg and the Pavo Danish Dressage Championship. The top sporting events are hosted by Helgstrand Event, the premium outdoor showground which is located right across Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark.

A solution for more sustainable equestrian event communication

Malgré Tout Media are experts when it comes to digital equestrian media. Their free European equestrian magazine comes in four languages with both a printed and digital version. “With a digital event magazine, we want to offer a solution to events that want to contribute to sustainability’ says Troels Højvig, CEO and founder of Malgré Tout Media. “A digital magazine contributes to a lower event footprint. They also never run out of stock, and it is easier to make last minute changes, which we all know can happen in the course of organizing an event.”

Easy and instantaneous access

Equestrians spend a lot of time online and having a digital magazine makes it easy for everyone at the event to access event information at any place and time. Via a QR code or a link on social and websites the magazine can be easily accessed. Being more interactive than printed versions, digital magazines provide a better user experience. Video’s, weblinks and interactive content can be used to pique the reader’s interest.

Value for the event’s partners

Not only event visitors and riders present at the showground can access the magazine, the enthusiasts at home and live streamers can also access the magazine. Most people looking at a digital magazine take action like for example clicking on a link. This makes advertisement in a digital magazine interactive and traceable. By creating the right mix of ads, event information and interesting articles that fit the event’s target group the number of readers increases. And so does the exposure of event partners.

Martin Thorbøll Pedersen, head of Events and Partnerships at Global Equestrian Group adds: “ We are very pleased with the solution of having a digital event magazine for our shows. The magazine has a very professional look, we can reach much more readers and our partners are very satisfied with this exposure.“

Look at the digital event magazine for the Longines EEF Series Aalborg here: Longines EEF series Aalborg

About Malgré Tout Media

Malgré Tout Media is Europe´s new digital equestrian media with 100 % free content for riders and people with a passion for horses recreationally, or professionally. Malgré Tout Media is the place to find inspiration and professional knowledge as well as tips & advice and entertainment for any horse lover. No matter what kind horse person you are, their mission is to offer you quality content that you don´t have to pay for. l

About Helgstrand Event

Helgstrand Event is an exceptional showground in the North of Denmark hosting unique and engaging equestrian events. Not only the world’s best dressage and jumping riders travel to Northern Denmark to compete at the fantastic facilities of Helgstrand Event, ambitious amateurs and upcoming young riders are also welcomed to enjoy competing the same quality environment.

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