Creating a safe haven for rescue horses in Andalusia, Spain

This story starts like so many with a 'once upon a time' and a little girl. This little girl,...

Top rider Anna Blomgren-Rogers: It motivates me to motivate the horse

Swedish Grand Prix rider Anna Blomgren-Rogers sees motivation and confidence as the two most important cornerstones of the success...

Claus Toftgaard: “Modern riding horses deserve better”

Meet a true advocate for horses - Claus Toftgaard. New impulses are constantly emerging in equestrian sports. Impulses that...

Scientists: Horses and humans have a special bond

Horses are flight and pack animals driven by instincts which they use basically to survive. It is often this biologist...

Animal Telepath & Clairvoyant Ditte Young: Theme for June is inner peace

ENERGY REPORT AND THEME OF THE MONTH FOR JUNE 2021 FROM DITTE YOUNG Finding inner peace. For the past two...

Animal Telepath & Clairvoyant Ditte Young: Theme for May is belonging

ENERGY REPORT AND THEME OF THE MONTH FOR MAY 2021 FROM DITTE YOUNG Photo: Nadia Fryd The last two weeks of...

Ditte Young Predicting the Future For The Equine Industry

Ditte Young presents this monthly energy report to you. The theme is: WINNING THROUGH YOUR POWER AND INNER PEACE.

Ditte Young: This Monthly Theme is Love

Read this monthly energy report from Ditte Young. Perhaps you will find a special connection to your horse?

2021 Is A Flow Year

Ditte Young takes you through January. It is time to really connect with your horse and create better communication for all of us.

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