Colic: What to do – and what not to do

Colic is one of the diseases most seen in the equine world, and it is never fun to stand...

Low or high? The location of the hay net affects the horse’s back, neck and jaw

The hay net has long been a controversial topic in the equine world. It can extend the eating and...

Do´s and Dont´s: Healthy and unhealthy treats

Do you know what is considered healthy and unhealthy treats for your horse? Of course, as the loving horse...

10 things your horse should not eat

The online store Fritidsmarkedet.dk has compiled a list of 10 things your horse should not eat. We all tend...

The anatomy of road apples: How to check if the horse is healthy

The way your horse lives can have a big impact on your horse´s stool – or road apples. The...

Scientists: Global warming increases the amount of laminitis in horses

Global warming is a threat to horses with a tendency of laminitis, scientists says. Read why this is, and what to look out for.

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