Horses in the world


Meet the Camargue horse: It runs (almost) free in the wetlands in France

In the Rhone Delta in the south of France lives the ancient breed Camargue. A breed which is believed...

Tiniest breed in the world: Falabella is 100 % horse

The Falabella is the world's tiniest horse breed. It measures about 65-75 cm. It is known for its gentle,...

REWILDING: How and why it is being done in Europe

The debate about rewilding is ongoing. But what does rewilding actually mean? According to the organization Forests of the...

Horses around the world: 8 of the endangered breeds

How many endangered horse breeds do you know of? There are many horses around the world. In fact, it...

Meet the small but cool Shetland pony

The "Sheltie", the "Shetter" or just the "cool Shetland pony". The little pony breed is both popular and loved,...

Part 1: Horses around the world – from horsepower to popular sport

Worldwide there are about 70 million horses. In this first part of a serie we focus on selected parts...

Part 2: Horses in the World – Life as a Travelling Equestrian

Do you dream of a holiday on horseback? Meet Mathilde who organizes trips for turists to beautiful destinations all over the world.

The Drum Horse: Meet the kind, unique and giant dressage horse

Do you know the Drum Horse? The gentle, kind and cold-blooded breed with great dressage abilities. The perfect all-around horse.

RIDE: How Ebony Horse Club Helps Young People

A social project helping children to a more positive everyday life in a world full of worries. Watch the video and get inspired.


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