Halloween Pictures: Watch All the Fun, Sweet and Astonishing Photos

Did you and your horse dress up for Halloween? You can see some amazing pictures of both riders and horses enjoying this years’ Halloween. Perhaps you will get some inspiration for your next costume.

The very detailed costumes

Photo: Sandra Hornshøj Buus

Sandra tells about the photo: Me and my mare Mig at the right. My friend Ronja and her gelding named Frost at the left side. We have photographed each other, and then I have edited the picture.

Photo: Katrine Carlsson

Cathrine tells about the photo: My beloved @friesianbente who I unfortunately lost last year.

Photo: Sofie Larsen

Sofie tells about the photo: Me and my skeleton horse.

Photo: Katja Heyde Lund

Katja tells about the photo: Silke with her pony Englyst Flame.

The sweet Halloween pictures

Photo: Michella Raun Hesselberg

Michella tells about the photo: My daughter Pippa, and her pony Happy Feet at a Halloween competition.

Photo: Trine Winther Mikkelsen

Trine tells about the photo: My daughters Victoria and Isabella together with our race horse Royal Trophy.

Photo: Pernille Bæhr Irgens-Hansborg

Pernille tells about the photo: Lauge is 3 years old and Charlie is 23 years old.

The funny pictures

Photo: Malene Lindberg

Malene tells about the photo: I have dressed up my PRE horse as a dressage horse – THAT is definitely scary.

Photo: Helle Rooswell Hansen

Helle tells about the photo: I do not believe I have to dress him up.

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