Good sportsmanship: How to behave well mannered at competitions

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Pay attention to each other. It goes without saying that it can get crowded during warm-up at competitions. That is why it is super important to remember to exhibit good sportsmanship. Not many ponies or horses like to be pushed up against the barrier. Or to be hit in the head by a swinging tail that comes whizzing by. It is important that it is a good experience to go to competition. Starting with the warm-up. So here are just a few tips on how to show good sportsmanship at the warm-up. The advice applies to both show jumping and dressage riders.

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Question is though – why do we tend to be less considerate during warm-up? We think it is about nerves. You are deeply concentrated and focused on what you need to do and achieve in just a little while. And in the heat of moment, one might forget to keep the right distance or look up. So here are just a few tips on how to remember good sportsmanship during the warm-up.

How to show good sportsmanship during the warm-up

Avoid being on the warm-up lane unless necessary. If you are in the process of stepping hot / off, or if you just need a few words from your coach, you can easily do this off the field. That way you avoid getting in the way and thereby showing good sportsmanship.

Avoid riding too close to others. loop or not – never ride too close. If you ride with a whip, just be careful that it does not sting too much. Hold it inside the body or on the outside.

Follow the rules on the warm-up track. Remember to always ride left to left. That is good sportsmanship.The venue may also have special rules for how many people may be on the warm-up track at a time, that there must be riding on the left volts, etc.

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Tell me if you do something unexpected. It is important that you make the other riders aware of this if you do something unexpected. That is, if you suddenly make a parade on the hoof stroke or set course for an ox.

Better to shout too much than to shout too little when riding against a warm-up jump. It may be that you find it a bit embarrassing, but believe us – your fellow riders will thank you in the long run.

Look up! Many riders look down while riding. That way, they are unaware of what the other riders on the track are doing. So look up and pay attention. The you will help others by showing good sportsmanship.

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