Massage Pad

3 min.

Massage has been shown to improve flexibility and promote relaxation in horses.

Tension is often one of the most common reasons for poor performance in horses and by increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility, the negative effects of tension can be reduced!

Like us, most horses can benefit from a massage session but maintaining a healthy back through massage can help prevent performance inhibitors such as stiffness, hollowness, shortened stride length, or in more serious cases napping, bucking and rearing.

Massage Pad Testing

Equilibrium Products are dedicated to creating carefully designed products that improve the wellbeing of the horse.  All of their products are thoroughly researched, tested and quality checked. The Equilibrium Massage Pad has been independently tested by Myerscough College in Lancashire, the findings showed:

Increased Flexibility

Massage helps to promote flexibility in healthy muscle tissue, fascia and other soft tissue fibres. The effects of massage on flexibility can be measured using the ‘Arch Dip’ test to determine the amount of upwards or downwards bend of the horses’ back. Test results from our trials demonstrated an overall improvement in back flexibility of approximately 46%.

Stride Length

The trial showed that the stride length of the treated horses increased over the period of the test by 12cms, whereas the control group showed little improvement. Horse owners know that a small change in stride length can make a major difference to the way of going in a horse!

Promoting Relaxation

Using a heart rate monitor, horses wearing the Equilibrium Massage Pad showed an increase in relaxation compared to the horses in the control group.


Did you know that our Massage Pads are available in 3 different sizes? Whether you have a pony under 14hh or a horse bigger than 16.2hh or in a 6’6″ rug, no matter what size your horse or pony is, allow them to take full advantage of the benefits of massage!


  • Battery operated 30-minute sessions – give your horse or pony a massage while you complete other yard tasks.
  • Choose the intensity of the massage from 3 different programs.
  • Lightweight and portable – take it with you wherever you go.
  • Massage more and charge less with our high-performance battery & universal charger.
  • No hassle returns or replacement if anything goes wrong in the first 2 years with our guarantee.
  • Includes 1 x Equilibrium Standard Massage Pad, 1 x Equilibrium Bag, 1 x Equilibrium Battery and 1 x International Charger.

Who is this Horse Massage Pad for?

While this Massage Pad is suitable for multiple sizes of horses, the size who most benefit from the standard size are those 14.1hh – 16.1hh, or in 5ft9 to 6ft3 rugs. Pony and XL sizes are available for horses and ponies either side of that range.

You can use the horse Massage Pad before riding, after riding or on a day off! Here’s a few scenarios:

  • Horses on box rest to maintain good circulation.
  • After exercise to help support recovery.
  • Before exercise as part of warm up.
  • At a show after travelling to relax.
  • On your horse or pony’s day off as general maintenance.
  • Anytime as a reward.

How does the Equilibrium Massage Pad work?

The control panel allows you to select low, medium or high settings and as a result, you can choose the intensity of the program to suit your horse or pony. Each program runs through a cycle of three different types of massage – pulsing, vibration and stroking –to ensure all muscles are worked in different ways.

Choosing your setting:

LOW for cool down after exercise, for a sensitive horse or to introduce the pad to your horse for the first time.

MEDIUM to warm up the muscles prior to exercise or for general maintenance.

HIGH if your horse prefers a more intense massage.

The massage pad will run for 30 minutes before turning itself off automatically however, you can manually turn it off sooner if needed.

It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the hand-held Massage Mitt for an all over massage, or the Massage Mitt Hotspot to combine heat and massage.

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