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The Equilibrium Products Field Relief range is constructed from tough UV protective mesh, blocking out over 70% of harmful UV rays, whilst the rigidness of the mesh over the face allows it to sit away from the face and keep it structured.

Comfort is key for when a horse is wearing a product for longer periods of time, so having adjustable fastenings and elasticated bindings allow for the mask to fit securely and not move and irritate your horse; as well as featuring a soft padding at the nose and brow.

Care has been taken for the little details to ensure maximum comfort, providing full protection from ears to nose. Therefore the ‘horse-shaped’ ears are generous for those who need a little more room; similarly if your horse is sensitive around his nose, the detachable nose piece allows for extra protection for those who are pinked skinned or more at risk to sun burn!

Features include:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays with over 70% protection
  • Padded nose and brow for comfort
  • Close fitting to keep flies out
  • Eye darts to allow ample clearance of eyes and eyelashes
  • Adjustable fastenings under the cheeks and behind the ears ensure the perfect fit.
  • Soft stretch binding to prevent flies and insects getting in underneath the mask.

There are 3 different types of Fly Mask in the Field Relief Range.

Field Relief Max

The Field Relief Max is a full-face Fly Mask with horse shaped ears and a detachable nose piece. The inspiration behind the Field Relief Max is Timmy (the reason behind Equilibrium Products). He was a very sensitive soul who started shaking his head as a youngster. This led to the development of a fly mask that would fully cover his face and the Field Relief Max was developed.

Comes in colours Grey and Black, and sizes XS – XL.

Field Relief Midi

Sunglasses that shield our own eyes are the design inspiration behind the Midi Fly Masks. They don’t cover too much of the face, they provide protection from the sun (and flies too in our horse’s case!), and they need to be comfortable otherwise you might get a headache!

Designed to fit a wide range of horses and ponies, the Midi Fly Mask was made with comfort in mind. After all, horses wear their fly masks for hours at a time!
The fly mask is designed with 2 different types of mesh.

The Field Relief Midi can be bought with and without ears, and allows you to customise the fly mask to yours and your horse’s needs. If you’d like to add a nosepiece to this fly mask, take a look at the Detachable Nosepiece. If your horse is bothered by the flies, but doesn’t need UV protection, you might want to consider the Muzzle Fringe instead.

Comes in colours Grey and Black


  • Midi with Ears – S, M, L, XL
  • Midi without Ears – XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

The Equilibrium fly masks all carry a one-year guarantee but most last for several seasons. Long lasting and easy to wash, the Field Relief range comes in a variety of sizes from ponies to large horses. The Field Relief range also provides excellent visibility so is ideal for veterans, visually impaired and spooky horses!

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