Equestrians on Social Media – Which One Are You?

Equestrians are all over social media. We participate in a variety of groups on Facebook, follow hashtags and read about horses all over the internet – just to collect as much knowledge about our beloved horses as possible. Most of us are friendly, funny and eager to help when someone ask a question in a group. But a small handful of people out there are not that polite. They are the so called “keyboard-riders”.  

These types love to comment and not very cool ones – actually most of us do not enjoy them very much. The type that says whatever comes into mind. And it is seldom that positive. Often the horse is either sick or ridden incorrect. Perhaps you know these types? They are also called “crazy horse people”. 

The Equine gastric ulcer-lady 

“Are you sure your horse does not have an equestrian gastric ulcer?” This type always brings this argument to the table. Even if the horse show lameness on the right hind leg. Of course, you need as a horse owner to be aware of the problems around gastric ulcers, but do not panic if the gastric ulcer-lady starts indicating this. She will always use is as a reason and will probably also leave you with five different feeding schedules even you have not asked for it. Do not forget that this type can be useful sometimes, because she has a huge knowledge about feeding products what to do and what not to do.  

The animal advocates 

I feel pity for this horse! You probably know this person who think it is almost cruel to ride you own horse, put a blanket on or shoeing it. She is the type who believes that we are mistreating the horse when we teach it to smile with its upper lip. Your horse should by itself give you permission to brush it, otherwise you should drop it. If your horse bites it is also you own fault. We should actually let all horses live freely in nature. As soon as possible. This will be the best life for a horse, if you ask the animal advocates. But wait a minute. You actually did not ask this person, they just answered anyway… 

The savior 

The one who does not understand how you can sell your horse. She will quickly judge you, if you did not buy the starving horse in Egypt during your summer vacation. The Savior has already helped a bunch of horses from sad lives, which she also believes everyone else should. Otherwise, you will never win her respect.  

The self-appointed coach 

Sometimes people share videos or pictures of their horse while riding them. The purpose is to receive constructive advice from others. But for the self-appointed coach it is something else. She does not wish to help; she only wants to point out all your mistakes. Perhaps you have too tight rains, your breeches do not fit properly, and the equipment does not match. The self-appointed coach is not that much of an expert herself, but she believes she is the new Cathrine Dufour.  

The nit-picking one  

This type is quietly revenging and monitoring you on the internet. Suddenly she strikes. And when she does you are often very surprised. She has 17 different facts about the horse’s anatomy found through different studies and research all over the world. She places them as comments on your Facebook-post of you and your horse having a great hack in the forest. Afterwards she is suddenly gone and the only thing you want to do is to hide under a blanket and never look at a horse again.  

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