Equestrian technology revolutionizes arena maintenance with its HarrowBot

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Perwez, Belgium – Equestrian Technology, a company specializing in automating equestrian centers, is proud to announce the launch of its Equestrian Harrow Bot (EHB), a 100% automated solution for the harrowing of equestrian arenas.  

EHB is designed to help equestrian center owners guarantee the sustainability and quality of their arenas while reducing their costs and ecological footprint. 

One of EHB’s main advantages is the time equestrian center owners can save thanks to it. With an autonomy of many hours and its intelligent charging system, EHB can be programmed to perform harrowing cycles during off-peak hours or at night. This allows equestrian center owners to keep their arenas in perfect condition without disrupting the center’s activities and without any human assistance.  

Another important advantage is its ability to maintain the arena in an optimal way in order to provide superior quality harrowing, on a daily basis – unlike traditional harrows which are often mishandled by their operators. Improper use deteriorates the arena and leads to risks of injuries in horses as well as a limited lifespan of the arena itself.  

With EHB, you are guaranteed that the harrowing will be performed in an optimal way, according to the ideal parameters, adapted to the type of arena. Indeed, its mechanics can adapt to different arena and sand types, and it can even take into account its owner’s preferences.  

“We are delighted to  market HarrowBot” explained Loïc Massart and Alexandre Vandermeulen, co-founders of Equestrian Technology. “This solution is innovative and revolutionary, it will soon become indispensable to all owners concerned with money-saving, horse welfare, ecology and infrastructure quality.” 

Equestrian Harrow Bot will be available in its final version in 2024. For now, it is already possible to subscribe to a beta program in order to benefit from the robot’s many advantages during its last phase of development.  

All information on purchase conditions as well as on the different products offered by Equestrian Technology are available on the website Equestrian technology.

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