15 embarrassing moments all horse owners have experienced

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Embarrassing things is part of being a horse owner. You know, those moments where you just wish that your horse was a little more refined, so to speak. Or where something happens that is just inappropriate, wrong, disgusting, a little too much and really embarrassing. But also, quite funny. The list of those kinds of moments is long, so more than likely you can add on to this one. Just take look…

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1) When you bring a friend to the stable and he or she says: “Is it going into its ´cage´ now?” – of course while everybody hears it.

2) When the judge interrupts your dressage test because you missed an exercise that you have practiced close to 100 times!

3) When you stumble into the mud on the field – or maybe just look like someone who did. And then you have to use public transportation afterwards.

4) When your horse steps on your toes and you try to keep a straight face because of the date you have brought out to the stable. And you just want to scream.

5) When you swing by the supermarket on the way home from the stable and know that everyone in the queue can not only see but also smell where you have been all afternoon.

6) When you get a call from the stable, because your girlfriend or boyfriend, who yesterday promised to put a blanket on your horse has put it on backwards.

7) When your trainer asks whether the heavy breathing comes from you or the horse.


8) When your horse just does not want to stand still in the final halt in front of the judge. And on the way out you feel compelled to roll your eyes with a smile to apologize for its impoliteness.

9) When you sit down to pee in the stall and the stable attending walks in, turns around and pretends that she did not see it. And you never dare look her in the eyes again.

10) When your horse takes care of his emergency turf directly into your grooming bag – another class example of a point on the list embarrassing moments.

11) When you are at a competition and the horse decides to loudly fart all through the test.

12) When you have to show your horse to a possible buyer, and it does not want to come in from the field. “Selling itself is certainly not its core competency, haha”, you have to explain embarrassingly.

13) When your horse forgets that fieldstones are – and forever will be – a lot more dangerous than the trains, buses and large trucks that drive past the field every single day.

14) When your horse makes himself comfortable by lifting his tail and yawning in front of the judge at his first muster.

15) When your horse decides to “snack” on some of the green competition decorations on the jumping course  – after the clock has started.

No doubt you also have a few good embarrassing moments – maybe even more embarrassing? Have fun talking about them with your horse loving friends.
And please feel free to comment here and tell us all about it.

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