Do as the Americans: Ride to the Polls for Your Next Election Day

Have you considered riding down to the polls next time you are voting at an election? As long, as you have the possibility to actually park your horse somewhere it should not be a problem. The latest election in the US testifies that horses are frequently used for transportation towards polls. 

Native Americans ride to polls 

The Navajo tribe rides to polls to honour their ancestors’ culture. The purpose is to encourage especially the younger generations to vote, since the amount of voters among Native Americans are very low.  

“There is a very special rhythm and connection with the horses, when we ride to the polls. We do it to honour our ancestors. They rode much longer than we do to vote. We really feel a team spirit with the horses. It is actually called the “horse-medicine” among us,” says activist for the Navajo people, Allie Young. 

BNow This Daily.

The Navajo Tribe 

  • Is placed in the southwest of the US. 
  • Is the second largest tribe in the US with approximately 300.000 natives. 
  • The tribe is struggling with several infected by COVID19. 
  • Several factors explains the low number of voters among the natives. Both a bad connection to the internet and long distances to the polls are among these. 

Sources: Wikipedia and Now This Daily 

Horses create attention to the voters 

It is not only the Navajo tribe who has tried to create attention around the election by the use of horses and riding to the polls. Also, in Oakland Brianna Nobel has tried to focus on the importance of voting by the event “Ride Out to Vote”. Brianna Noble is already famous for expressing her opinion while riding a horse. She was part of the demonstrations in June “Black Lives Matter”.  She has taken this experience with her during the American election. She believes that when she rides in the streets encouraging people to vote, it is more powerful when she is on a horse.  

Watch the video with Brianna Noble, where she and other riders are using horses as transportation to the polls. Video: ABC7News.

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