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In January and February we had the opportunity to look at our relationships with friends and colleagues. In March the energies shift to a more masculine energy where action must be taken. The month will help you getting rich, and it is both in the form of money, but also in the form of a new awakening, which is a more high-perspective way of thinking.

Being awake means that you understand that all of us, two as four-legged, belong together as a unit. Together we must become more charitable and highly prospected. There is no room for navel-gazing and victimization. Things that happen in your life do not happen AGAINST you, but FOR YOU.

Focus on the whole equipage

In the coming months there will be more focus on the HUMAN or THE HORSE behind an equipage, and not just on a winning result. The time has come, and the equine industry will also be affected by the isolation we have been through during COVID-19. We have gained contact with our inner values and what is important to us. It is no longer the equestrian industry that controls you, but instead it is you, who help to create the industry. Among other things, by being selective, choosing what interests you, and what you want to spend your time on. To win through your power and inner peace, is simply gained when you don’t lose yourself. THEN you’ll win or get what you want. Then you are in flow.

You may have lost yourself prior to this, because you may not have thought that:

  • You were good enough.
  • Authorities around you are probably right, even you feel it is wrong.
  • You have compared yourself to others.
  • You have not been able to say no.
  • When people around you takes your resources, they do so because they can.
  • When people are pushing your limits in your life, you are invited to set boundaries.
  • If they do not, you cannot practice in how to make them.
  • We need each other to practice, find more perspective on situations and developing ourselves.
  • When people behave like idiots say THANK YOU inside yourself.
  • When people behave like idiots, say THANK YOU inside yourself.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look at WHAT it did to you, and you are in this situation again. Now, you have the OPPORTUNITY to solve the task again and in a different way than last time.

Therefore, you may also find that situations repeat themselves. You know it is your karma but know that it is also because the universe is round and repeats the energies in a circular motion. Many people understand more that we have a purpose of being here on earth. It also means that you will be more driven by doing business or getting a job that goes solely for the purpose of your life. Your calling.

The inner and outer world

Your horse is not the only one who is your mirror. You yourself are also beginning to understand, that everything that happens in your inner world will unfold before you in your outer world to a much greater degree than ever before. If you are afraid of disease, your horse will get sick. If you are sensitive, you will attract sensitive horses etc. Understanding yourself is therefore YOUR INNER WEALTH. When you have control over it, you can attract the material wealth or gain what is important to you.

Your goals in life

This is all part of your personal development. Ask yourself what is it that makes you want to win, or set goals? Why do you smile at the thought of being the best? What do you want to use the title for?

You will quickly learn that the second you achieve what you want, you set yourself new goals, which will hopefully become even more high-frequent. Maybe you sense it? Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you will spend your future results on something that will benefit other people. March can be your best time, where you get the opportunity to stand very strong in your light and also execute on your dreams. The universe has paused everything the last many months, because you had to think about WHAT you would build your foundation with. Now the time for thinking is over. Now it’s time for you to build.

The time is now

There will be flow in your direction this month and until September right now.March will be a VERY good developing month. Your worldview has changed. You have changed and you are no longer afraid to be you and do not care what others think of you and your horse out in the stable. You say the things that you think and feel, and you trust your intuition much more than you’ve ever done before.

Because you have a changed behavior, some people will interpret you as selfish or they will feel rejected by you. The same will happen the other way around. Situations can occur when you might feel rejected by others because they say their opinion and stand firmly on how they feel. In general, people will be more open to listening to the things that you have to say, because people are more open to transformations now – purely unconscious.

What might happen

Those who are anxious will project the anxiety onto you. It happened i.e., last Sunday quite massively and the week prior to that day. Some people will accuse you of things, or you will have the urge to accuse others of something that hurts you if you are not extremely aware of what you are doing.

Old feelings that are unresolved can get you into discussions with other people right now. It can be either a boy or a girl, depending on how highly prospected the other party is. Otherwise, you will unfortunately have to split up.

Be aware if your own emotional reaction

If you feel like blaming other people, be aware of whether the situation you are in is really about them? Or whether you can recognize that you have experienced the FEELING before and want to set yourself free from it. Know that the universe repeats the energies to allow you to release them. Breaking up in anger, resentment, or hurt is not the solution in the long run. If you are not able to take responsibility for what YOU can do differently, or have done differently, the situation will repeat itself with another person in the future.

When other people hurt us, we often use it to make them wrong as a kind of defence for not feeling the wound they’ve left in us, not to feel the grief that lies in letting go, or that something has to end.

Understanding other people’s situations

There is no responsibility or love in putting yourself in the lifeboat first. The personal development of you starts with you UNDERSTANDING why the other person does as he or she does. Without it necessarily means you will accept this behavior in your life. The feeling, if you have difficulty with this task, will be to be wrapped in anxiety and want to isolate yourself with your horse and no one else.

It may also be that your soul calls on you, when you are at ease to tell you that there is something that is unredeemed and unprocessed. This means that many of you are sleeping restlessly right now and have almost unexplained stress symptoms.

If you can recognize it, notice:

  • What is unredeemed in you?
  • What didn’t you say?
  • What didn’t they understand about you?
  • Did you understand the other person fully, even though you may not need to be together anymore?

It is never too late to tell how you feel or what you have been feeling. Once you have done that, read the full report one more time. Then the beginning of the text will resonate even more inside of you.

I wish you good luck in the month of March


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