Animal Telepath & Clairvoyant Ditte Young: Theme for June is inner peace

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Finding inner peace. For the past two weeks, you may have found yourself in situations where you thought, “This simply cannot be true! I have so tried this before”. It has especially been about your view of people close to you in your life. The exercise has been that you have felt extremely exploited. A situation that has arisen in order for you to take responsibility for the fact that you YOURSELF have entered the relationship and may have forgotten to say no. When something was not good for you.

You have transgressed your own limits because you wanted the best. Therefore, you have also experienced in the last three weeks that people very close to you have been crossing your boundaries, more often than not.

The time has therefore been characterized by:

– Desperate people around you.

– People who have acted extremely selfishly.

– People close to you have said extremely hurtful things to you.

– You’ve had friendships fall apart.


The time has therefore come for you to pay extreme attention when communicating. Focus on WHAT you are communicating out and HOW you are communicating it out because it will be doomed to be misunderstood.

My best advice to you is: COMMUNICATE CLEARLY in messages and not with explanations. It is the explanations that make the conversation confusing. We humans tend to support our attitudes or opinions with an explanation, with a: “YOU SAY”, or “THEY THINK TOO”.
It creates unnecessary frustration for the recipient without you thinking about it. So, try not to support what you say and just say what you mean. You may already feel that you simply do not have the strength to explain yourself to others?

Try not to support what you say and just say what you mean


The energies of June will also be characterized by the fact that you will be even more busy with projects and especially also with your horse. In return, you will be very focused on delivering or working with quality. It can be said that you have become quality conscious in all areas of your life. It does not hurt as much to let go of bad relationships.

You want close relationships that give you inspiration. The deep conversations and a feeling of love. Slowly you are becoming allergic to the negativity and bad patterns of the people you know and in your life in general. You have spent a few months pulling your energy back to yourself and just “being”, alone, with your horse.

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On the other hand, there is extremely much focus on your good relationships this month. The ones where you can articulate yourself as you are. What you think and feel. And find inner peace.

It has taken you so long to get to a place, where you are no longer afraid to stand in your own ground and express who you are and what is on your mind. And it will pay off!

Never before has the energy flowed so easily between you and your horse, which vibrates at the same frequency as you. You can now also in other people, spot low self-esteem, jealousy, hatred, anxiety in a split second. And you do not allow it into your life. It may be there on the sidelines but will not be allowed to enter.

“I can already strongly recommend that you just breathe an extra time when people close to you start projecting their low self-esteem, jealousy, anxiety, etc. onto you. Remember – you cannot practice if you have nothing to practice on”

The trick will be for you to SEE what is happening on their part of the court and for you to not start explaining away. Or allow that person to project on you when all of this happens in the month of June.

Also, be aware that your need to care for others and take care of others is starting to increase at the end of June. You will be tested again. To see how you react when something happens that makes you feel “forced” to take care of others around you. But know that the test will get you to see if you can avoid losing yourself this time.

When you give yourself to this test and help, you drain your battery and can forget to recharge the battery while helping others. Never before has your need to be at peace with yourself been greater than right now. Some isolate themselves, others need to be quiet and draw their energy home to themselves.


All this will lead you to the theme of the month which is: I want inner peace. How can you attain more peace and quiet within yourself and in your life?

You can do this first and foremost by focusing on it. Just the word PEACE and QUIET will already calm your nervous system instantly. How can I create even more peace during my day? My week? Months? Actions? And my view of having peace and quiet in my life? It can be anything from being better to taking breaks.

Be better at just being present in the moment, which is what you manage to do in the company of your horse.


Finally, I want to tell you that you need to keep in mind that you cannot want anything FOR OTHERS. You are eager to move forward and also to make others see the “light” that you are NOW in. You know very well that they are not moving forward. You’ve just been where they are! May your loved ones also get a chance to follow suit. Even if it does not happen at your pace.

I wish you a very happy month of June.


Ditte Young

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