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About Malgré Tout Media

Malgré Tout Media is Europe´s new digital equestrian media with 100 % FREE CONTENT for riders and people with a passion for horses recreationally, or professionally.

Malgré Tout Media is the place to find inspiration and professional knowledge as well as tips & advice and entertainment for any horse lover. No matter what kind horse person you are, our mission is to offer you quality content that you don´t have to pay for. In short, we have room for all parts of the equestrian sport and lifestyle.

Malgré Tout Media is independent of federations, horse breeds and equestrian disciplines.

The name Malgré Tout

The term Malgré Tout is French and means “in spite of everything”, which ties directly into our mission: To write about and show all the amazing and challenging aspects of a life with horses. Being around horses with everything that comes with it – frustrations as well as joy – is at the center of our focus.

Horses, sports & pleasure

Malgré Tout Media’s catchphrase, horses, sports & pleasure, acts as a guideline for everything you as a reader or advertiser will meet in our daily inspirational articles, bi-monthly magazine, twice a year print magazine, competitions, and extensive social media community. In addition to being free, independent, and of high quality, Malgré Tout Media embraces the entire horse world.


Malgré Tout Media sees the uniqueness in all types of horses. Whether you like warmblood horses, Shetland ponies, Icelandic horses, or something completely different, it’s the four-legged, kind animals that we love. Therefore, it is important for us to make room for the horses’ differences and debate their well-being.


Malgré Tout Media wants to pay tribute to all the disciplines in the equestrian sports. We believe that going on a hack in the woods is equally a part of the equestrian sport as doing competitions or training in the arena. The sport is as much about recreational riding and training at home, as it is about competitions.


Malgré Tout Media’s content embraces the whole lifestyle of being a horse person. Strong emotions, a myriad of opinions and wonderful moments as well as difficult ones. We create content to help inspire you in the everyday life as a rider and horse owner.


The staff behind Malgré Tout Media consists of people with a shared passion for horses and all things connected to equestrian sport and lifestyle.

Everyone on the editorial staff is trained in communication and journalism and is also a horse person inside and out. In addition, the team consists of a number of sales and marketing people, passionate about creating even more life and value in the horse industry.

Together we have solid experience within communication, online marketing, sales, design and executing events. We work towards increasing awareness of and interest in the lifestyle of horses and equestrian sports

Troels Højvig

Founder & CEO

Troels is the heart of Malgré Tout Media. Back in 2015, he set out to create an equestrian media that is independent and completely free of charge reaching a broad target group with high quality content.

Troels has worked in the horse industry for many years and horses and riding has always been part of his life, both privately and throughout his career.

Jonas Adamsen


Jonas is our technical wizard. He is responsible for the development of the website and for keeping the creative processes going – and he gets the craziest ideas.

Jonas is part of a real horse family. He stands on the sidelines to support his wife and daughter every single day and he certainly knows what it is like to smell of horse.

Tina Bjerre


Tina is a rhetorician specializing in digital communication and journalism. Her heart beats for evoking feelings and opinions for all horse lovers in order, to be able to get to know each other better and learn from one another.

Tina has ridden for as long as she can remember starting as a very young kid on her mother's horse. Today she has had her own dressage and show jumping horse for 11 years

Bettina Stecher


Bettina is trained in marketing and communication and has several certifications in equine therapy. She is passionate about the academic content and is our anatomy nerd

Bettina has lost her heart to groundwork and the classical-academic dressage. Together with her Spanish P.R.E. mare, she works towards the goal of mastering difficult exercises with a focus on the harmony of the collaboration.

Elisabeth Wille


Elisabeth is an English speaking experienced journalist. As well as an editor, and project- and event manager with an extensive carrier in magazine production, digital communication, and broadcast.

Elisabeth started riding at a young age. She went on to become a training apprentice in Germany but had to give up the professional life with horses because of a back injury. Horses still remain her great passion.

Fie Dømler

Journalist (on maternity leave)

Fie is a journalist through and through and, she also holds a bachelor’s degree in English. She writes articles for both Danish and international readers and is razor sharp on grammar.

Fie knows if anyone what it's like to deal with young horses. In her spare time, she trains her 2.5-year-old Irish cob, whom she´s had since he was a foal.

Line Rasmussen


Line is completing her master’s degree in communication. She is really good at moving readers both visually and in with her words and she loves to create interaction.

Line is a passionate Icelandic rider. Together with her family, she takes care of the practical at home in the stable and loves working with the small, Nordic giants.

Paw Olsen

Sales Manager

Paw has many years of experience in sales in the horse industry. He is eternally positive and smiling, and he passes that on to our customers.

Paw is more than used to dealing with horses both professionally and privately. Everyday life goes with the family's Shetland pony and his partner Bo Høstrup's dressage horses.

Mark Hansen

Sales Consultant

Mark is a professional Bachelor of International trade and marketing and is passionate about giving our customers what the very best service. Plus, he is our SEO expert.

Mark likes to be a spectator in all parts of the equestrian sport, but he prefers the one with some speed. However, he does love all types of horses and is happy to spend time in the stable.

Louise Wichmann

Marketing Coordinator

Louise is an extremely important link between Malgré Tout Media’s editorial staff and the sales and marketing department. Among other things, making sure that the printed magazines are distributed.

Louise is a former rider and has a burning desire to start riding again. She has a weakness for the small strong horses, so maybe sometime her dream will come true.

Alexander Wybrandt

Graphic Designer

Alexander is our graphic designer, who helps to set the visual style for the digital and print magazines and the website. He works on the images, graphics and illustrations that help to give Malgré Tout Media its unique look and feel.

Alexander is relatively new to the world of horse but already feels comfortable here. And he does actually know a thing or two about the Icelandic horses.

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