9 things you and your horse might miss from the 90s and 00s

A lot has happened since we had horses in the 90s and 00s. Many of us were children and young people at the time, and horse welfare was a whole other thing. So, what do you think your horse would say it remembers and/or misses most from that time? There are not that many horses left today that have lived in the 90s. Here are some of the things we remember – maybe you can add to the list.

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Where did all the sugar go?

Even though it is not so good with all that sugar, neither for horses nor humans, it tastes fantastic. Most of us have a laidback attitude when it comes to painting a pretty picture of ourselves. But really? Do you think that your horse would like a shovelful of rolled oats if he had to decide for himself? It may be just as well that he is not allowed to eat it.

The multicolor: what’s not to like?

Competitions were so much fun. Great times with lots of ways to decorate your horse or pony. There were no limits to how many colors were involved in a regular Beginner program. Today it is more stylish and subdued. But maybe your horse actually thinks she looks quite good in neon yellow and screaming red manelastics? Of course she does.

Reading out loud is quite nice

Of course, it’s a little different how we each had horses back in the 90s and 00s. Maybe you borrowed a pony or had your own that you could go see almost every day? Your time with the horse was much more than just riding it. And you had plenty of time. Maybe you would sit in the grass near the field where your horse was relaxing. And maybe you would spend some of the time reading stories aloud from a completely ordinary book? Many of us have done so. Wauwm it was so cozy and more than likely your horse thought so too.

When did grass become so dangerous?

Grass simply was just not quite as dangerous back then. Which was both good and bad for your horse. If he could decide for himself, he would stand on a lush, grassy field most of the year. As you well know, it does not work. Today, he often has to deal with the fact that grass is ingested based on a very detailed plan. A schedule where you either graze in short intervals at a time, or that the fence is moved a few centimeters every day: “It’s for your own good”, you are guaranteed to say to the gutted horse. He is probably dreaming back to the time when it was turned out on 6 hectares of meadow without any care in the world.

Higher rosebuds and more white tape

The white tape around the high-brimmed rosebuds is legendary. Typically, the braid was also just a long one kind of rolled up at random – the more advanced riders knew how to sew them, of course. Common for the braids was that they had to stand extremely high in the air. The white tape should then be rolled well around. Of course, it didn’t matter if you were competing in dressage, pony games, ring riding or jumping.. Your horse was guaranteed to enjoy getting as much attention and your commitment.

Pony pillow helped train the rider’s balance

Who does not remember the pony pillow? Of course, it still exists. Today, however, there has is more focus on horses and ponies having a proper, adapted saddle. And ofcourse that is good. If you ask Tarzan at the local riding school, it’s not because he does not want a good saddle. He just thinks it was a little cool to help challenge the kids’ balance. It must be said that the pony pillow did help. When Tarzan turned sharply around the small cross for the fifth time, and you rolled off, you learned to hold on to your knees – also in a pony pillow. That “pleasure” Tarzan does not have quite as often anymore with the perfectly adapted saddles.

No cell phones – full attention

In the 90s and 00s, the cell phone was not really a thing. Back then, you were just spending time with your horse. The horse was not posted on social media because they did not exist. No breaks were taken during the ride to take a picture in the perfect light from the correct angle. When you and your friends rode together, you chatted with each other and the horses. Who knows, if your horse could choose, he probably likes to be at the center of social media. Even having his own profile maybe. It may also be that he sometimes thinks it has become at bit too much. When his horse bulbs are posted for the fifth time in a row in various Facebook groups with equine veterinarians, feed consultants and behavioral experts. What do you think?

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We really did play a lot

The coolest thing was … well just everything! To be on your bicycle at full speed driving to the stable after school and then go pick up the horse from the field. Maybe your girlfriend came too. You chatted away while grooming the ponies or horses. Put on the saddle and go out on the homemade riding arena in the field measured with some metapiles and a little white plastic cord. Back then, there was not that much focus on drained riding arenas. Yes, we could get a little tired of the tubers. If the field was completely impossible, we would go hacking instead. Or else we would find another corner of the field that was more passable. It was not that important. We would seldom train for big competitions or have a long-term plan for the horse and its development. It was just fun to ride, be with the girlfriends and the horse.

All the time in the world

Do you also have a busy day with your family, cooking and preparing lunches? Maybe also a bit of a bad conscience towards the horse. Does that sound familiar? That’s how many of us feel. Then you can dream your way back to the time when time just stood still. Where all you had to do was get out of school and look in the stable for your best friend! Fortunately, you can bring back that time and feeling – you just have to really want it.

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