OUCH! 5 falls from the horse, which all riders have tried

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We love to ride, but it does not always go as we have planned. After all, your four-legged partner is a living being with other things on the agenda than you. This sometimes results in us, instead of performing the great dressage exercises or completing the difficult jumping course, ending up tasting the riding ground floor. We have compiled a selection of the “not serious” falls from horses that we believe all riders get to try at some point in their life with horses.

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Many have tried it. Many people laugh at it, and it’s actually quite embarrassing. You just want a quiet ride on the horse, and you feel you really do not need a saddle. So why not ride without a saddle? To do that you need a proper starting point. And once in a while it happens, you just get a misjudged jump and land on the other side. Off, dear tailbone!

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Who does not get a little spring or summer happy? Our horses do! Most riders have probably tried the situation where the horse suddenly becomes a rodeo horse. And so the ride takes place across the riding arena with buck and jump, and you can do nothing but try to hang on. You might not always succeed, and then you suddenly sit there in the sand and are just about to get angry. But then your best friend stands there and looks at you all loving and curious. It’s like he is saying, ‘Hey, what are you doing there?’ You can not get mad at such a face.


In the event of an involuntary withdrawal from the horse, there are three scenarios: Wauw that hurt, up again, and what happened right there? Some cases are more elegant than others. We know of several who have tried to fall off and land on their feet, without really having managed to grasp what happened. But hey, you did not beat yourself up and what you did actually made you look like a real gymnast.

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Hallo and here we go. You are flying – literally. The horse could not feel any better, and you jumped over one obstacle after another. Until your horse decides that now he is done jumping. You are not and you take the trip over the obstacle alone. “Well, were we not done jumping?”, Your horse seems to think as you shout, “We were not done. So thank you very much, my friend! ”.

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Your horse is doing so well at home on the dressage track. The exercises are performed to perfection and you feel on top. Imagine that you have such a nice, reliable and calm horse. You ride past the judge’s house, which you have seen 1000 times before the same day, but suddenly it turns into a haunted house. What does your horse do? Jumps to the side. What do you do? Land confused in the sand, where you once again wonder what is really going on in your horse’s head.

It can turn into many fun falls from horse through. While it may not be that much fun at the moment, you get great stories that you can laugh at with your horse friends later on. As long as you did not get hurt.

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