4 Types of Pain Only Equestrians Know About

“Ouch…” The life as a rider and a horse owner is often painful even these examples might seem trivial compared to some of the serious accidents in the sport. However, we still wish to inform about 5 types of pain most equestrians know about. Also how non-equestrians do not understand why these are so bad – they should not talk, they have no idea! Perhaps you agree? 

1. 500 kilos and a metal shoe un top of a little toe

Imagine having a closet filled with bricks dropped on your poor little toe. Of cause with the corner first – and then push it back and forth before lifting it. It feels like a million years but actually it just lasts about five minutes. You cannot do anything else than breathing exercises until the spots before your eyes are leaving. Then you make sure your little toe is still connected to the rest of your body. This is an excellent comparison you can tell to your non-equestrian friends if they do not understand the pain you are going through.  

A true source to real pain – hoofs and metal shoes. Photo: Archives

2. Skin chafes – how painful is this!?

It is so hard to get rid of the damn skin chafes especially if you wish to ride your horse as usually. You have probably tried to be at competitions and having lessons with these terrible skin chafes, right? We suggest that you explain to your non-horse friends that it is pretty much like putting salt in an open wound once a day. This they might understand. 

Skin chafes or not – the horse must be ridden. You know the feeling, right? Photo: Archive

3. Not only one, but many blisters on the fingers 

“Do you have a blister? No wait. I have… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!”  

Your non-equestrian friend helps you mucking out stables and is complaining about having a blister on a finger after the hard work. Meanwhile you can brag about you 5 or 6 blisters on your fingers. Proudly you say that they are from all the different disciplines as mucking, brushing, carrying buckets and all the other stuff you practise in the stable. However, you know that pain is part of the game. 

4. A ponytail in the eye 

In this situation we do not talk about your friend’s hair. No, it is not like when one of the boys in school complained when you waved around with your hair and they had some of it in their eyes. No, here we talk about the real deal: Horsehair so powerful that they back in the days were used as strings on a violin. This hair is whipped straight in your face right into your eye with about 200 kilometres in an hour.  

The worst part is that it only happens because of a fly bothering your horse. The result for you is red eyes, tears running down your cheeks the rest of the day. And do not say the pain has not been so severe that you have considered a visit to the doctor? – of cause you have.  

A riders worst enemy . a ponytail. Photo: Archive

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