3 Serious Reasons Your Horse Pees During Training

Some horses only pee in the stable or out on the field. Others also do it while having a rider in the saddle. It is nice to know that the horse can empty its bladder with or without the presence of a rider. However, it is also important to notice when your horse pees or is troubled when trying to. If it often does it while you are riding it can indicate three, more or less, serious disorders.  

1. Blocked lumbar vertebrae

Peeing while being ridden can be the reason for blocked lumbar vertebrae. It affects the nerves controlling the horse’s bladder and then the problem starts. It means that the lumbar vertebrae block in an inappropriate position and then pushes on the nerves and muzzles around this area. Thereby, the flexibility in the lower back is minimized and the same is the case with the nerves around the lower back. Because these nerves lead to the genitals, a horse who often pees might have an impaired ability of reproduction. 

Source: Moderne hestehold.

2. Ineffective metabolism

Peeing while being ridden can also indicate that the horse has developed a metabolic disease somewhat similar to diabetes in humans called PPID (Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction: Also called Equine Cushing’s Disease). Because this disease is caused by a high secretion of hormones it affects the bladder. A horse with PPID will not only pee often it will drink a lot of water and sweat more than other horses. Most likely the coat will also change to a curlier one (also during summer). 

Source: Netdyredoktor.

3. Intimate care is sometimes necessary

Another reason your horse (specially geldings and stallions) might be in pain while urinating can be because of dirt in the  
urethra. In this case you can clean it yourself. It can be a difficult process since most horses do not like being touched in this area. A good idea is to do it while your horse is treated for something else by the vet and is anesthetized anyway – perhaps in connection with the yearly check of the teeth.  

Source: Dyrlægevagten.

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