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Second edition

In this month’s magazine, you will find interesting articles and interviews with some of the world’s biggest stars in showjumping and dressage. We have talked to the wellknown Maverick, Andreas Helgstrand, who opens up about his way to become an international superstar in the dressageworld.

In addition, we introduce the work of Lukasz Kowalski, an international known FEI photographer. In Kowalski’s breathtaking work, he captures the many emotions of the equestrians. 

Finally, we take a closer look into the the life of the showjumping horse – from a scientist’s point of view. It requires not only the strength and stamina to speed around a course for a dozen or so obstacles, but also the lightness and finesse for a 1,000-plus pound animal to leap over obstacles without a single fence being knocked down.

Happy reading, we hope you’ll like it! 

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