2021 Is A Flow Year

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By Ditte Young

The theme of January’s is: Development 

A heavy duvet rests on us in the month of January. 

People get insanely busy but frustrated as well as things they put are not turning into anything right now. 

But be patient and stick to your good ideas because they are going to be executed from the month of March onwards. 

January and February will be a kind of “digestive months”, where we must prepare our bodies to be able to act on the many things that have grown inside all of us in 2020. 

January: A month to really connect with your horse

In the month of January, the feeling of who we thought we WERE – leaves us to rediscover an energy and feeling that is very strong about who we actually ARE. 

Right now, you are becoming much more focused on the energies around you and your horse. It also makes you more sensitive to people who have an opinion about you and your horse.

It is a month where you will be much more focused on being in harmony or producing harmonic rides with your horse.

You may find that you no longer want to discuss with people. 

You “just” let them go, or “set them free”. 

It may seem like you are not caring. But the phase is about you actually resting more in yourself, and even enough to know that you no longer bother to “fight” for anything. 

Flow means that energy moves. You let go of something to make room for something else. 

When you no longer want to FIGHT for something, it also means that the areas of your life where you have struggled also stop. It could be a belief that “it is hard to make money”. 

From the second you let go of all areas in your life, there will be flow in all areas of your life.

2021: Focus on your communication

In the time to come, you will begin to understand that we belong together in a completely different way and on a far more global level. 

COVID-19 is an extremely good example of what can happen when one person flies into another country and carries a virus with him. 

#Metoo and #Blacklivesmatters have also been very concrete examples of the transformation that is happening as a collective on this earth. 

People have partly come into much better contact with their emotions and some will unfortunately also get to project more than they usually do. Especially in a year where Mercury goes in retrograde 3 times during the year.

To sum it up:

Pay attention to whom you are spending your time with. 

You are getting renewed energy right now and to make room for the new energy, it goes without saying that something else have to go. 

Ask yourself: Who do you want to be? 

What were you born to be? 

And then go do it.

Wishing you the best January

Yours sincerely

Ditte Young

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