11 Situations Putting all Horse Owners’ Patience to a Test

There is no doubt, it is just lovely to be a horse owner, we can all agree on this! However, eventhough the majority of pleasure and loveliness is present, there are still some minor issues which can sometimes cause most horse owners wanting to pull his or her hair out. Simply because a horse really can be a pain in the a…  

Here, you can read our suggestions on situations which can be really annoying. Perhaps you can recall some of them? 

1. The hysterical horse – for no particular reason 

You go to the field to bring in your horse. It is a common routine your horse has tried together with you for lets say a thousand times. But for some reason, today the horse is all hysterical, “dancing around”, calling for the other horses. You try to calm it, but nothing works, and you realize that the hacking out you had been looking forward to is not going to happen today. Too bad, no trip to the forest or fields together today.  

2. Legs moving constantly 

You are desperately trying to put on gaiters on your horse, but your so called best friend is so impatient that his legs are moving, and scraping on the ground. Again, you try in the best parenting way possible to tell the horse to stand still. Looking at it positively, you defiantly acquire some special skill when it comes to putting on gaiters on a horse. 

3. Flies everywhere and so is your horse 

We all understand how annoying flies can be also to the horse. It is so unpleasant having the little insects crawling and buzzing around all the time, mostly because it tickles like hell. It is of course also how the horse feels. However, when it the sixth time in only a few steps out from the stable is stopping to wave off flies, it is getting to your nerves. Specially because you have planned a nice trip for the two of you, and after 15 minutes you still have not left the plot jet. Furthermore, you also have the explicit joy of being pulled in your arms every time the horse waves at a fly. 

4. When the hind hoofs will not leave room for you to clean it 

You have probably spent sometime teaching your horse to lift its legs specially if you have a youngster. However, a horse often accomplishes this very special ability to pull its bag hoofs up under the belly so that you stand in a very awkward position every time you try to clean the hind hoofs. It is somewhere underneath the belly of the horse, and no matter how much you pull in the hoof and legs the horse insists on leaving the hoof in this weird position.  

5. Refuses to get in from the field  

You are actually quite experienced with “cathing” horses on the field. Therefore, you also know that bringing a little treat makes this process much easier. Your horse does not mind coming for its treat, but it does not necessarily follow you to the stable. The situation where you are just standing there pulling in the rope and the horse does not move is very common for you two. You can decide to look at the whole thing positively – you get much more quality time with your horse while standing there on the field. 

6. Tack on and in the same secund the horse moves its head 

You put on the tack most days when you are working with your horse and EVERY TIME you experience the same thing… The horse turns away its head which makes your work of tighten all the buckles basically impossible. Nevertheless, it has to be done, and you can either walk up to the head with the result that the horse turns its head back and you have a horse head right in your face. Or you can of course pull the horse back to you every time. Either way, both situations become a bit annoying in the long run, but there is not much to do about it really.  

7. Eating grass while you are talking  

In the parking lot you meet your good friend from the stable. You are standing still with your horse, and in the same secund you say the first sound the horse takes it as an invitation to begin eating grass. This leaves you with several awkward and complicated situations where the horse is pulling off with you and you shout all your points to your friend. Perhaps we should just learn our horses not to eat while we are talking or doing any kind of work with them really.  

8. The head collar is gone – once again  

In your cabin all colours are represented by your choice of head collars. This has a very special purpose – your horse is a master of losing them all over the field which means that you must collect them several times during the week. At least you get a lot of exercise – if you wish to continue the positively thinking. 

9. A broken blanket is a very sad blanket 

You might also spend hundreds of Euros on blankets for your horse, because your best friend has this great, playful personality you love so much. Well, you might love it a little less sometimes because let’s face it – it is just so annoying to see your horse on the field with half a blanket left on its body. However, the best advice is just to be happy that you have a social horse.  

10. Leave the shoes on – God dammit! 

Again, you can be happy about how fit you will get every time you have to wander around in the fields trying to find a lost horseshoe. Some horses just rip off shoes the moment their hoofs touches the field. You have probably tried every blacksmith in town, and nothing works. Well, there is not much to do about it. If the horse is young hope for a calmer time when it is older. Otherwise you can once again choose to be grateful for a playful and happy horse.

11. It is all worth it!  

All these little irritations are of course nothing compared to the thousands of joyful times we have together with our horses. We love them unconditionally no matter lost shoes and broken blankets.  

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